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Congratulations to Annie Otto relative caregiver and amazing long time advocate from West Virginia, on seeing the fruits of her labor rewarded with the passing of  HB 4374!!! This bill allows caregivers caring for relative children in West Virginia to obtain medical and dental care for the children in their care. Another testament to the work of relative caregivers who take their experience as a relative caregiver of children to a new level, in order to help those future relative caregivers.

President Signs Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoption Act on October 7, 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!

Below are the links to the wonderful document developed by GrandFamilies of America and other national partners on how understand the Fostering Connections To Success and Increasing Adoption Act, and to enable you to help your state implement this first of it's kind legislation and also help you to monitor it's implementation.

What follows these links is an amazing document entitled "The 10 Top Tips For Caregivers" Make sure you familiarize yourself with this valuable tool and make it available as a resource for those you advocate for. Click here for the final version of the Top Ten list.

Download the Entire Report

Download Report by Section:

Table Of Contents
Overview of Fostering Connections.
Identification of and Notice
Kinship Navigator Programs.
Subsidized Guardianship.
Maintaining Sibling Connections:
Educational Stability.
Eligibility for Chafee.
Licensing Homes.
Training of Relative Caregivers.
CDF's webpage with these links is available at: http://www.childrensdefense.org/fcsiaaguide


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