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Definition of a Professional: Any person engaged in work predominantly intellectual and varied in character as opposed to routine mental, manual, mechanical, or physical work; involving the consistent exercise of discretion and judgment in its performance.


Meet Our Professionals


Sharon Olson

Sharon is truly an advocate for relative caregivers and their children at a level most likely not matched in our country today. She is a relative caregiver herself, and in her home state of Minnesota, is known as advocate extraordinaire. Minnesota has gained the reputation of the benchmark state for kinship legislation, and you will find Sharon's fingerprints on all of it. Sharon Olson, Vice-President GrandFamilies of America, spear headed the passing of DeFacto legislation in her state of Minnesota. Sharon is a co-founder of GrandFamilies of America and also the current President of MKCA (Minnesota Kinship Caregivers Association). Sharon and husband Gregg are raising two grandchildren, one of which is not their biological grandchild.

Pat Owens

Pat Owens wears many hats. She is Co-Founder and President/CEO of GrandFamilies of America, and serves as an advisor on many nationally recognized organizations. She is a relative caregiver and past foster parent. She has been awarded the Champion of Children Award for the state of Maryland, DHR of Maryland 2007 Advocate Award, 2007 Generations United Grandparent Advocate Award, sponsored by AARP.just to name a few.

Margaret (Peg) Hires

Peg is the stabilizer for GrandFamilies of America. She raised four children as a single parent, and subsequently took in four of her grandchildren, all siblings. With a limited income but a determination to see her grandchildren thrive, she has seen all of them grow up and attend college. She is the Director of GAP (Grand Parents As Parents) of South Bend Indiana, and a Director of GrandFamilies of America. No matter the crisis, you can count on Peg to be the one who keeps her cool not matter what the challenge may be. She is a central part of our advocacy group.

These ladies have about 70 years of collective experience walking the walk as relative caregivers of children. To find out how you can have one of these experts in the field of relatives raising relative children at your next conference, support group, training session, etc. contact us at: Pat Owens, owenspat@aol.com or call (301)358-3911 or if you do not have long distance, e-mail us at owenspat@aol.com  

Have one or more of these wonderful long time caregivers who are walking the walk and talking the talk at your next event. They will guarantee your event to be a success while making an instant connection with those caregivers attending your event. Call our office to find out more!!